How is it with us? – feedback

Piotr with his family 15-10-2021

Recently we had the opportunity to spend the weekend in a certain place, which we can only describe as „home”. Together with our little daughter we were guests of the brilliant Potoczny family, who invited us to dine with them every day. At the table, with delicious meals, we were able to meet Ania and father Paweł along with their childern: Julianna, Eliasz and Marianna. They all made us feel like at home! With Ania and Paweł we could talk much about our faith and many more. It was very inspiring. We felt very natural. There was a very special opportunity for us to attend the Divine Liturgy.

As for the rooms for guests again it was very like at home, very cosy. Behind the window we can see a great view at the Tuga river. We can also rent canoes for a short trip.

To us this is definately a place for married couples, people with children and anyone, who wants to get away from his everyday life and to be a part of this family warmth. To see a real „home”!

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